Thursday, July 8, 2010

Two short poems

I wrote these today. First in a long time....

As you see it

Take this as you see it
Leave it as you may
Forever is a vision
Best left for today
I found what I was wanting
Deep inside my soul
And in the darkness fortune
Without a proper role

The simplest times of many
Obscured by all who roam
Among the dead and lonely
Confined by those unknown
Will tell a tale of sadness
A rite of passage through
Within the greenest garden
A single drop of dew

You see what I am asking
You know what must commence
The final thought of purpose
The sadness of lament
Has found the heart still beating
The fight remains alive
Take what you see as reason
And reason as Divine

Above and Beyond no more

I will no longer go
Above nor beyond
I have gone before
I have gone after
In the night I have gone
And come back again
But no more

The division of the day
The wanting of the time
Surreptitiously wavering
Crowded by the desire
To achieve prescience
I faltered, slipped
But no more

There will be times
When those that matter most
Will seem insignificant
Or obtuse in their dilemma
They will wander and fall
They will go above
And beyond

I will not go
For I have gone and
In going I have seen
What could not be shown
Should not be opened
Is best left alone
Above and beyond
I Will Not Go

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